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We are a professional team of translators, editors & designers

Core team established in 1996


  • Experienced in providing our customers with bespoken turnkey solutions
  • We speak & write fluent English and a plenty of other languages
  • We are fluent in modern technique, software & IT technologies too
  • We possess a unique collection of dictionaries & glossaries, both paper and electronic, always up-to-date
  • We possess our own experience & knowledge base
  • We know "how to"  tackle the tasks that others can’t even imagine how to tackle/ deal with
  • We do urgent and complicated projects
  • We focus on telecom, microelectronics, NDT, machine building, nuclear physics, chemistry, meteorology
  • We provide translated text placed in any customer specified file format
  • We translate website contents online within site management systems
  • We always look in depth to discover the very right meaning
  • We always produce good language texts